Gain Job Skills To Thrive In The Cannabis Industry

Manufacturing. Cultivation. Retail.

Cannabis skills are in demand. The cannabis industry is creating thousands of exciting career opportunities yet a significant shortage of qualified professionals exists. Now you can gain the job skills you need to succeed in this fast-evolving industry.

Cannabis Qualifications Designed by Industry Professionals

As the cannabis industry expands, the demand for skilled and credible professionals expands with it. Becoming an expert in this field means learning from the pioneers who are taking the industry into the mainstream. These programs develop focused, in-depth knowledge for those interested in a career in cannabis.

Non-Credit Career Training Courses

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8 weeks | 100% Online | $800
Advanced Manufacturing Agent
Gain advanced job skills and knowledge to excel in a manufacturing role in the cannabis industry. You will study a range of topics, including: the business of cannabis extraction, product development, formulation and plant ensemble, extraction processes and principles, product safety, packaging and labeling, pest control, product testing, storage and more.
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8 weeks | 100% Online | $800
Advanced Dispensary Associate
Gain advanced job skills and knowledge to excel as a dispensary agent. You will study a range of topics, including: the history and botany of the cannabis plant, cannabinoids, terpenes, and the Endocannabinoid System, as well as health and safety training, best security procedures, inventory tracking, the importance of documentation and recordkeeping, and product safety.
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8 weeks | 100% Online | $800
Advanced Cultivation Technician
Gain advanced job skills and knowledge to excel in a cultivation role in the cannabis industry. You will study a range of topics, including: the business of cannabis cultivation, botany and genetics of the cannabis plant, seeds, germination, cloning, light sources, pests, disease and threat management, irrigation, product safety, packaging and labeling, storage, and more.
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Your Schedule

Study on your own time, when it’s convenient for you. You can begin this program at any time and complete it in just eight weeks. 

Earn Your Digital Badge

Receive recognition of your course completion from Columbia Gorge Community College and Green Flower (GF), including a GF Institute approved digital badge.

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Completing a cannabis certificate program gives you exclusive access to the Green Flower Employer Network.


About Columbia Gorge Community College

CGCC is a public two-year community college in Oregon, established in 1977 and accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges & Universities. Its mission is to “build dreams and transform lives by providing lifelong educational programs that strengthen our community.” The college’s vision is to become the first option of choice for education and training in the communities it serves, and its actions are guided by those principles.

The college has two locations, both within the stunning Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. The college mascot is “Brook Chinook,” a Chinook salmon. This recognizes the cultural significance of salmon to the region’s indigenous peoples, as well as its continuing environmental and economic importance in our region.

CGCC provides high-caliber instruction, small classes with personalized attention, and robust programs that lead not just to jobs, but to careers. The college aligns those programs with the standards of the State of Oregon Department of Education, so that students may qualify for professional certifications, or transfer to four-year universities to complete their Bachelor’s degrees. 

The college serves many kinds of students, including English language learners, GED® seekers, recent high school graduates, and those seeking new careers. The college also provides individual classes for those who want to update their job skills, and short-term certificates (one year or less) that may boost career options. Finally, the college provides life-enriching community education classes that are enjoyed by students of all ages that are focused on a variety of types of classes, including non-credit training programs and professional development opportunities.

About Green Flower

Founded in 2014, Green Flower is the industry leader in cannabis education, empowering thousands of consumers, regulators, and professionals with the knowledge they need to succeed in the emerging cannabis industry today.

Green Flower’s content and technology platform powers the cannabis programs of top universities and colleges across the country, provides customized learning and compliance solutions for cannabis businesses of all sizes, and equips individuals with the skills and credentials necessary to make an impact in the modern cannabis industry.